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Balashi Beer was first produced in 1998, and became known as Aruba’s Beer.

Aruba’s beers are produced in a fully automated brewery with cutting edge technology. The ‘Brouwerij Nacional Balashi’ was built in 1998. A state-of-the-art laboratory with special computer software controls the quality of the brew throughout the entire process.

Though still quite young in existence, Balashi beer has already achieved impressive international recognition, winning a Gold Medal in 2001 and a Grand Gold Medal in 2004 in the ‘Monde Selection’ in Brussels.

In 2011 the Brewery added another beer to the assortment. This beer was aptly named Chill, reflecting the ‘don’t worry, be happy’ lifestyle in Aruba and accordingly using the slogan ‘It’s an Island thing’.

Satisfying the demands of a thirsty local and tourist market, as well as orders from Curaçao and Bonaire, the modern bottling plant, capable of bottling 15,000 bottles per hour, is owned by Meta Corp NV, Aruba’s largest corporate conglomerate.

Our German brew masters created a beer with a special taste: Balashi has a deep golden color, is clear and transparent and easy on foam, with a soft bitterness, an aroma of fresh hops and a short aftertaste. Chill is is crispier in taste, bright colored and lighter on bitterness with a smooth aftertaste.

For Balashi and Chill, we import both our malt and hops from Germany. Malt originates from Rheinland-Pfalz (West) and the hops are sourced from the well known hops-region Hallertau.

The beer bottles have a Awg. 10 cent depository value. This is to promote recycling and help to protect our environment. Bottles that are returned will be re-used after going through a thorough pasteurization process.

Balashi and Chill are available at every restaurant, hotel, bar and supermarket on Aruba.

Make sure you get a taste of our local flavor!

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