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The coordination between viticulture and winemaking teams is essential when choosing fruit, to achieve the optimum level of _avor and balance in
the wine. The vineyards selected for the Beringer Classics wines are bathed in warm sunshine the majority of the day, to yield the most ripe,
sun-kissed fruit _avors in the grapes.

Winemaking begins in the vineyard and often peaks with the harvest of the grapes that have been carefully tended all year long. Grapes for the
Beringer Classics Chardonnay were picked as soon as they achieved the perfect balance of ripe fruit _avors and vibrant structure. Winemaking
techniques were employed to maintain the vivid, fresh _avors naturally found in Chardonnay grapes. Fermentation in stainless steel tanks
maintains the brightness of the fruit _avors, as well as the delicate honeyed citrus aromas.

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An immediately pleasing wine, this Chardonnay is an enticing blend of ripe stone fruit and vivid citrus _avors. The bright citrus perfectly o_sets the honeyed apricot, culminating in a smooth, delicious wine with a lasting _nish. It is a wonderfully approachable and refreshing wine, full of lush fruit _avors and aromas that conjure up the bounty and sunshine of California.