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A light and refreshing approach to sparkling wine Beringer Sparkling White Zinfandel is a festive, e_ervescent wine made from
Zinfandel grapes using traditional winemaking techniques to highlight the varietal’s vibrant fruit _avors and spicy nuances

The grapes for Beringer’s Sparkling White Zinfandel are grown in vineyards scattered along California’s growing regions where well-drained soils combine with cooling climatic in_uences from the nearby Paci_c Ocean to produce Zinfandel grapes that achieve well-developed _avor and aroma characteristics while maintaining lower sugar levels than needed for most still wines. The fruit is harvested at lower sugars to allow the wine to ferment to dry at a lower alcohol level so a secondary fermentation is possible.

After gentle crushing, the base wine for the cuvée was made by keeping the juice in contact with the grapes’ red skins for approximately three hours to extract a light blush color. Beringer’s winemakers then used slow, cool fermentations to preserve the vibrant, fresh strawberry, honeydew, and citrus aromas and _avors. After the primary vini_cation, using a classic traditional winemaking technique, a small amount of additional sugar and yeast was added to induce the secondary fermentation, introducing a lively e_ervescence into the wine. Finally, a “dosage” of wine with very expressive _oral characteristics was blended to highlight the bright, fresh strawberry and citrus fruit aromas and _avors.

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