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Declared Vintage Port is only made in the most exceptional years and comprise less than two percent of all Ports produced. Dow’s 1985 Vintage Port came primarily from two of the Douro’s finest Quintas, Senhora da Ribeira and Bomfim. Dow’s was one of the first houses to invest in premium vineyards in the Douro, acquiring them in 1890 and 1896 respectively.

THE VITICULTURAL YEAR – “A Regional Vintage”
The winter and spring of 1985 were extremely wet, with a cold spell in May, and by June the vines were some three weeks behind normal development. Fortunately, hot and dry weather in July and August brought maturation back on track. The great weather drama stressed the vines making them work through the year creating thick skins and concentrated fruit. The summer-like weather continued from early September right up to the Vintage. From start to finish the vintage grapes were uniformly healthy with no trace of mold, rot or other defects.

1985 was a great classic vintage, with concentrated, rich and potent wines. After inspecting the quality of the fruit there was every reason to be extremely pleased with the 1985 vintage which has undoubtedly produced well above average quality wines throughout the region.

Current tasting notes
Excellent ruby color, with rich and complex aromas of mature berry fruit and hints of spices. On the palate good fruit flavors, full bodied, excellent round tannins and a long lingering finish.

Food pairing and serving
Dow’s 1985 Vintage Port wonderfully with strong cheeses like creamy Blue Stilton or Aged Cheddar but can also be enjoyed on its own. Port is best served in classic Port wine glassware or white wine glasses. Avoid cordial or liqueur glasses as they are too small to fully appreciate the wine’s aromas. Storage Store the bottle horizontally in a dark place with a constant cool temperature, ideally 55ºF.

Additional information

Age conditions

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Stand the bottle upright 20-30 minutes before you intend to decant. Pull the cork slowly and steadily. Clean the neck of the bottle. Hold the bottle horizontally, and begin to pour the wine steadily into a clean and rinsed decanter. Once you have started pouring do not stop until you see the very first traces of sediment begin to appear out of the bottle. You may prefer to use a decanting funnel with filter.


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