Serving Suggestions
Charcuterie and pork-butchers’ products (bacon fat, headcheese, bacon), first courses of pasta, rice and risottos; spaghetti with salted sardines, soups, noodles with chicken livers, vegetable soup, Mediterranean fish soup, pasta and bean soup, tripe in broth and with Parmesan cheese, white meat, boiled meats, liver Venetian style, fish, herring with corn-meal mush, pike in sauce, stockfish.

At a controlled temperature with whole grapes. Harvesting: by hand into crates.Pressing: gentle, with pneumatic press.Fermentation: alcoholic at a controlled temperature with selected yeasts for 8 – 10 days.

Malolactic fermentation
natural on the lees.

in stainless steel with special stirrers once every 10 days until the end of malolactic fermentation. Stabilisation: physical, cold.

Sensorial features
Colour: intense ruby red.
Aroma: fruity with notes of cherry and red fruit, flowery and
spicy subtleties.
Flavour: soft, fresh, fragrant and flavoursome with moderate tannins.

Additional information

Product Area

Municipality of Mezzane di Sotto – Monti Garbi district

Grape variety

Corvina 70% – Rondinella 30%.

Age of the vines

10 – 15 years.


In steel at a controlled temperature for 4 – 6 months.

Alcohol content



5.83 g/l.

Serving temperature

14 °C – 16 °C.